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Kronstadt Uprising - 'Insurrection' (Overground Records - OVER 85VP CD)
Kronstadt Uprising - 'Insurrection' - Album - Released July 31st, 2000
Track Listing:
01 Blind People
02 Dreamers of Peace
03 Xenophobia
04 End of Part One
05 Receiver Deceiver
06 Dealer of Death
07 Nihilistic Vices
08 Invasion
09 The Day After
10 The Knife
11 Insurrection
12 AD '84 Holocaust
13 Soldiers of Fortune
14 Living in a Nightmare
15 I Don't Wanna Live Your Way Today
16 The White Room
17 Part of The Game
18 The Horsemen
19 Live For Today
20 Looking For You
21 What Are You Gonna Do
22 Hold Me Back
23 Stay Free

Album includes a 12 Page booklet

Artist: Kronstadt Uprising
Title: Insurrection
Format: CD
Label: Overground Records
Catalogue Number: OVER 85VP CD
Release Date: July 31st, 2000

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Overground Records

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