Angels in Exile Record Label
The Machines - 'The Machines' (Angels in Exile Records - AIECD 001)
The Machines - 'The Machines' - Album - Released December 12th, 2011
Track Listing:
01 Racing
02 Cyclone
03 Perfect Black
04 Pirate Times
05 Weekend
06 Girl in Black
07 Chain Gang
08 Parents Zone
09 Sue This Song
10 Don't Be Fooled

Bonus Tracks
11 Racing (1977 demo)
12 You Better Hear (1977 demo)
13 True Life (1978 EP)
14 Everythings Technical (1978 EP)
15 You Better Hear (1978 EP)
16 Evening Radio (1978 EP)

Album includes a full colour 16 Page booklet containing rare photographs and memorabilia

Artist: The Machines
Title: The Machines
Format: CD
Label: Angels in Exile
Catalogue Number: AIECD 001
Release Date: December 12th, 2011
Distribution: UK - Currently Available in 'All Ages Records' in Camden, London (, 'Fives Records' in Leigh-on-Sea and 'South Record Shop' in Southend (

USA - Currently available at 'Interpunk' ( The Punk Music Store

Further National and International Distribution is currently being arranged.

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The Machines - CD
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