The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov:  8. Ron Yocom - The Sea Hags
The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov


8. Ron Yocom
The Sea Hags

The Farm, San Francisco 1985

The Sea Hags were a San Francisco threesome who played wonderfully sleazy rock 'n' roll to a dedicated following who saw them as a young Aerosmith. One day, they got a major label deal, replaced their stalwart drummer with a kid from LA who had a nice haircut, added a second guitarist, and became junkies. Shortly after the release of their first album and a quick European tour, Chris died (the official cause was pneumonia) and the band broke up. These live shots show Ron and Chris in the early days of the Hags, when they were still fairly innocent and their future looked bright. It's the way I like to remember them.


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