The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov:  6. Lux Interior - The Cramps
The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov


6. Lux Interior
The Cramps

Hammersmith Odeon, London 1984

This was a prestigious two-night stand for the Cramps, who were much bigger in Europe than America. Before the second night's show, my friend Sara and I visited with Lux and Ivy across town in their hotel room. They readied themselves ("All I want is a bathroom big enough to spray my hair and not choke," lamented Lux), and we watched the Damned's performance on The Young Ones.

The Cramps had offered us a lift to the show, so we weren't concerned when it became obvious that public transportation would never get us to the Odeon before they went on stage. That was before the horrible people from The Face bullied their way into the car! Unbelievably, the group's extraordinarily nice road manager handed us ten pounds and flagged down a cab! A few minutes later we giggled as we walked past The Face writer stamping her foot outside the box office, insisting she was so on the guest list!


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