The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov:  4. Andi Sex Gang - Sex Gang Children
The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov

4. Andi Sex Gang
Sex Gang Children

London 1984

Andi became my hero the night he snuck a bunch of us through a backstage door for a huge London show. He not only planned out hiding places but a full escape route that would take us into the main hall. You couldn't get any more "Lucy and Ethel" than that! In this picture, we see the artist at work in his living room. Actually, he could have been making a grocery list, I don't know what he was writing. I'd bumped into Andi (today some might call it "stalking") on Carnaby Street that afternoon and he'd invited me to come over for a cup of tea (the English are very polite that way). I swooned while he spoke of Edith Piaf and old movies. Then the rest of the band turned up for rehearsal. And that was the end of that.


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