The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov: 24. Seven - The Cunninghams
The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov

24. Seven
The Cunninghams

The Warfield, San Francisco 1997

These Seattle-based punk-upstarts had the unenviable task of opening for INXS. I think it's safe to say I was the only one there specifically to see the Cunninghams. Before the show, Seven told me in all earnestness (I think) that the band's moniker (taken from the feel-good Happy Days clan) was an attempt to make people comfortable. "We wanted a name that was really common and familiar... When you're familiar, you're comfortable. We just want you to be as comfortable as possible." Later that evening, Seven made one member of the audience feel particularly comfy by standing at the edge of the stage, leaning over the barricade and shouting the lines from "Wannabe" in the guy's face.


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