The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov:  13. Phil Lewis - L.A. Guns
The Photography Of Devorah Ostrov


13. Phil Lewis
L.A. Guns

Oakland Coliseum, California 1989

"When I was a teenager," Tracii Guns reminisced, "I lived in a dumpster and I only had one tape which I listened to over and over again." I don't know if I believed his story or not, but the one tape was by a band called Girl, featuring Phil Lewis on vocals. A few years later Tracii (who had once been the Guns part of Guns n' Roses) and Phil had teamed up in the cutest sex-drugs-black leather-and tattoos outfit this side of Motley Crue. Phil was in his element when I took this photo. L.A. Guns were in heavy rotation on MTV with "The Ballad of Jane," and were the opening act on AC/DC's US stadium tour. Before the show I'd been warned by the group's publicist that Tracii was banned from doing any more interviews because he was being "too honest" about the group's bad boy offstage lifestyle! Too bad she didn't also tell me not to share that information with Tracii.


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